The transition point between economic recession and recovery. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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trough trough [trɒf ǁ trɒːf] noun [countable] FINANCE ECONOMICS
the lowest point in a series of prices, values etc:

• the peaks and troughs of investing in stocks and shares

• When would the nation come out of its economic trough?

— trough verb [intransitive] :

• This is the biggest fall in economic activity since the recession troughed five years ago.

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trough UK US /trɒf/ noun [C]
a situation in which something has reached its lowest level, price, etc. before going up again: »

Your monthly payments will smooth over any peaks and troughs in the price of the shares.


Growth in services slowed to its lowest since the trough of the recession.

trough UK US /trɒf/ verb [I] INFORMAL
to reach a low level, price, etc. before going up again: »

The economy troughed six months ago and is now growing again.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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